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The Echterling Builders Story

The Echterling Builders story can stretch back over 100 years, but our company's roots started to grow in 1954. Back then, Frederick and his brother Donald started working on custom homes in Hammond, Indiana. Over the years, Frederick and Donald went their separate ways, which led to Frederick relocating to Waco.

Once in Waco, Frederick settled down and raised his son Bert, who spent his youth and formative years watching, learning, and working alongside his father. Bert learned about trim carpentry, tile and how to manage a construction site from his old man and in 1998, Bert and his father, Frederick, went into business together and formed Echterling Builders.

Frederick retired after a few years, leaving Bert in control of a growing business. Over the next few years, Echterling Builders grew exponentially and now has one of the largest client bases in the Waco construction market. Whether you are looking for a custom home build, land development, real estate deal or kitchen modeling, we can help.


Since our founding, Echterling has been driven by our mission:

To produce value in your home and your life – to pour our labor, expertise, and unique quality of care into building or renovating your home; to provide convenient and professional customer service; and to instill in your project an uncontested sense of integrity and an unmatched value.

This mission is our guiding light and ensures our work is always faithful to ourselves and our company. It is why we take the time to know our clients and their needs and wants. At the end of the day, the connection between the builder and client is important, and we work hard to foster the deep connection that we need to deliver a product we can be proud to call our own.

Whether it is our best-in-class in-house warranty on all of our work, the transparent nature of our pricing or our ability to build homes that wow our clients, we always go the extra mile; let's build your dream home together.


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