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Let's build your dream home together.

We have been custom home builders since the very start of Echterling Builders.

In fact, the first Echterling built their first home in 1951, and since that time, our family and, by extension, our company have found our calling. We are not a new home builder that believes in cookie-cutter construction. Instead, we are a custom home builder that will work with you to create the home of your dreams.

One of our founding principles is fostering a strong connection between ourselves and our clients, and this strong connection allows us to create dream homes that our clients love. Whether it is building out a dog room or creating that perfect open-concept entertainment space, our experts will work with you to find and create that ideal home from the ground up.

Depending on your needs and how far you are in the process, we can provide a full-service option or work with existing plans.

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Work with a local designer or architect

With as many homes built as we have, we have a solid roster of designers and architects that we trust to work with our clients. These experts have years of experience and can talk you through the process and design your ideal space from the basement to the second floor. We can work on almost any idea that you have. For instance, we can make it happen if you are a golf nut looking for an indoor simulator space or someone who is into entertaining and wants a grand space with a wet bar.

One of our trusted architects will work with you to design the layout of your home. From flow to the specific features, you are looking for, they will create blueprints we can build. At the same time, our designers will work with you to bring your vision to life around your home. Our trusted designers will make your dreams a reality with finishes, looks, and other features you want to build in.

Work with existing plans

We are also happy to work with existing plans that you have worked up with an architect. We may ask for your architect's information in case we have questions, but at the end of the day, our team can easily build your home to your spec.

Premium Materials

As a custom home builder, we do not like to cut corners in our construction. We see so many new homes these days that embrace good enough construction, and we hate it. When spending money to build a custom home, you should not be dealing with slight imperfections. When you work with Echterling, you get to see a custom home build done right. We go the extra mile and check our work. Whether it is framing or a finish on a cabinet, we spend the time to get it right. Plus, we use premium materials that will not break down after a few months. With a home built by us, you are getting a home you can love for years.

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If you are looking for a builder who will go above and beyond, look no further than the great people at Echterling Builders. With years of experience and an ability to build to your spec, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option for custom home building in and around Waco, Texas.

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